Photo exhibition at "Galería Nacional". March 2011

Thanks to friend and editor Luis Fernando Quirós, I have the honor of participating in the exhibition "Museo del Árbol", at Galería Nacional, San José, Costa Rica. Thanks Luis!

Photos published on "Museo del Árbol 2". October 2010

Thanks Luis Fernando!

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"Magic Journey to Africa" Feature Film. June 2009

"Magic Journey to Africa" is the first Spanish 3D film that has been shot in stereoscopic real image. It is a 3D film that combines real life images with animation and visual effects.

Horse sequence excerpt (few shots I animated)

Caracal sequence excerpt (few shots I animated)

Here you can find a lot of info and videos about the movie. You'll enjoy the site:

"Life as a Pickle: The Old Chair" Short Film. Feb 2009

A short film directed by Pres Romanillos and Scott Johnston. It's the first project done by Enne Entertainment, a brand new company placed in beautiful Salamanca, Spain.

Here are some shots I animated for the project.

And a link where you can find pics and info about Pickle:

"Air Wick" TV commercial. June 2007

I worked in this commercial at "El Ranchito", on May 2007, for 2 weeks.
These are two shots I did for the project.
First, is the shot with the mother, 2 bunnies and a ball, and the second is the one with the whole family in it. In total, 19 bunnies to animate.

We used Maya for the whole project.

An article about it's production: